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What do we do?

Wilde Art Curations, with a deep-rooted commitment to the Austin arts community, has consistently maintained a responsive approach to the evolving needs of local artists and the vibrant Austin community. My journey began as a passionate artist dedicated to showcasing local talent and promoting the city's cultural heritage.

From its founding, my organization has embraced community service as a cornerstone of its mission., I have actively sought partnerships with local arts organizations, individuals, and event venues of all kinds to enhance opportunities for artists and foster a sense of artistic inclusivity.

Collaborative programs and initiatives, such as art workshops, open mic nights, group showcases, and solo exhibitions are important to the organization. Wilde Art Curations has directly improved access to opportunities for the arts community. These initiatives were designed to empower emerging artists, provide platforms for expression, and nurture artistic growth.

Recognizing the significance of engaging with tourists and highlighting Austin's artistic vibrancy my organization has orchestrated dynamic art events that attracted visitors from near and far. We are always seeking new strategic collaborations with hotels, galleries, and tourism agencies to respond to the evolving needs of Austin artists.

By maintaining a genuine commitment to the Austin arts community and a focus on promoting accessibility, Wilde Art Curations has played a vital role in enriching the local artistic ecosystem. Through our history of service, dedication to community goals, and proactive efforts to improve access to opportunities, my organization has consistently uplifted and celebrated Austin's artists while providing an unforgettable artistic experience for tourists visiting the city.




Natassia is a fashion forward artrepreneur who has made a name for herself directing art events and programming at galleries, shops, and hotels around austin. She is driven by the purpose of preserving Austin culture and does so by promoting the projects of artists and arts organizations in the city. In addition to her curatorial endeavors, she is a photographer and graphic designer, skills that naturally lend themselves to her other efforts. 


Follow her on instagram for art happenings of all kinds @natassiawildeartcurations and @natassiawildecreative


Wilde Art Curations can be consulted for a multitude of art services including artist representation, curation services, mural contracting, and event productions. It is a singular source for individuals and businesses that wish to become involved in the arts. Please allow her to assist you in finding the perfect art for your home or business including short term rentals. Wilde art curations is continually seeking collaborations with underutilized spaces to coordinate showings and pop up galleries. Please contact Natassia if you are interested in connecting about a space that is unoccupied and could be activated in some way.

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We seek to inspire and educate our community through the exhibition and promotion of contemporary art in dynamic and diverse exhibition spaces. This is a platform for artists to share their vision with the world and to foster a deep appreciation for the arts within our community. We bring together artists and collectors in welcoming and inclusive spaces, while fostering a deep appreciation for the transformative power of art. Our events celebrate the creativity and innovation of contemporary artists and engages our community in the arts. We strive to showcase the work of emerging and established artists and to cultivate a love of art in our community through engaging exhibitions and educational programming.


(713) 408-3768

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