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Our Services

  1. ALIGNMENT OF BRAND Achieving successful outcomes requires effective collaborations. That's why our first step is to familiarize ourselves with your company's mission, culture, values, and vision. We aim to understand how art can effectively convey your key messages to your target audiences.

By working closely with your project team, we develop outcome-driven objectives for the art program. These objectives are designed to tell your story, enhance your environment, and promote your brand.

  1. PROJECT DEVELOPMENT We conduct a thorough review of your space to determine key locations and the type and size of art needed for each area. Our evaluation includes assessing your existing art and providing guidance on reusing, repairing, or disposing of it.

Collaboratively, we ensure that an appropriate budget is planned to maximize the value of your investment. This enables us to create customized art solutions that fulfill all your requirements.

  1. STRATEGY FOR ART PROGRAM The next stage involves developing a concept for the collection and creating a strategic plan, processes, milestones, and timeline for the implementation and management of the project.

We assist in developing a policy document that encompasses a mission statement, guidelines for art acquisition and deaccessioning, and defines the roles and responsibilities of internal staff and/or external consultants involved in documenting, managing, and caring for the works in the collection.

  1. ART ACQUISITION & COMMISSIONS We identify artwork that aligns with your specific criteria, negotiate the best possible prices, present the works for approval, and provide recommendations for disposing of or reusing existing pieces to maximize value for you.

We source artwork from individual artists, auction houses, galleries, dealers, and publishers based on the unique requirements of each project. For site-specific commissions, we identify artists, negotiate terms, and oversee the entire process.

  1. ART DISPLAY We collaborate closely with expert framers, fabricators, and lighting specialists to create a dynamic presentation of the art that enhances each piece, complements your design, and safeguards your investment. Custom framing, pedestals, displays, and signage are specified to meet each client's needs.

  2. DELIVERY AND INSTALLATION Through our network of trusted local, regional, national, and international art shippers and installers, we handle the safe delivery and installation of your artwork. We coordinate all necessary art transportation insurance and scheduling in accordance with the project timeline.

  3. ART COLLECTION MANAGEMENT Our responsibility extends beyond the successful installation of artwork. To ensure the ongoing protection of your investment, we provide a range of support services to manage and care for your collection. These services include:

  • Security and environmental considerations

  • Updating insurance appraisals

  • Art conservation and restoration

  • Ongoing maintenance and repairs

  • Art rotation plans to keep the collection fresh

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