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Meet Our Artists





TVHeadATX is an Austin street sensation turned gallery artist. He creates unique backgrounds that go behind his iconic messages framed within a suit wearing old school television. His messages can be found around the city.

Alexandra Bryson


Alexandra Bryson is a figurative artist based in Austin, TX. Working across a variety of Fine Arts mediums, Alexandra encourages you to question, reflect, connect, and relate—but ultimately, discover a sense of belonging in your own skin. Using the body as the focus of her work, Alexandra is driven by dismantling the criticism of sexuality through self-reflection, vulnerability, and empowerment, and inspiring the connection between our physical forms and the experiences we hold within.


Carlos Elliott Burgos


Based out of Austin, Carlos Elliott Burgos is a self-taught artist who has been honing his skills for over 25 years. He primarily works with acrylic paint and regularly utilizes bold colors. Carlos likes to get out of his comfort zone by exploring new subject matter and draws inspiration from a variety of sources, including popular culture, nature, and city-scapes. Themes in Carlos’ works range anywhere from portraiture to landscapes to cartoon-like imagery.

Rosemary Allen


Rosemary Allen Villegas is a full time artist inspired by nature and mysticism. She works with oils, watercolours, acrylic, and textiles. She is known for her detailed oil paintings made up of eyes, watercolours highlighting birds of Texas, and her collaborations with her husband Juan Villegas. 

She is a predominately self-taught artist who seeks to inspire personal growth and development and a deeper love of nature with her work.


Juan Villegas


Juan Carlos Villegas is a Colombian-American artist born in the city of Cali, Colombia, on May 25th 1987 into a family of entrepreneurs, artists, and musicians. With such a rich family environment, he quickly developed a deep interest in the arts, and with his vast imagination and dedication to drawing it wasn't long until his dad started calling him "el lapiz magico" (the magic pencil). In 2005 after finishing high school, Juan moved to Texas to pursue art, and enrolled at San Jacinto College in Houston. A few years later, he transferred to Sam Houston State University in Huntsville and he graduated in 2010 with a Bachelors in Fine Arts, focusing in drawing and painting. In 2014 after his daughter was born, Juan moved to Austin and found a place to call home. Juan's work has been exhibited and published in the Houston-Austin-Dallas areas, and he continues to showcase it, to bring beauty and inspiration to the community.

Natassia Wilde


Natassia's focus is on interesting light and composition. She has a fascination with perspective; how a subject can appear vastly different depending on the light, angle, and framing of a shot. Her works are emotional and technical at once with captivating shadows, shapes, lines, and color play.

"I believe art is the visual expression of the human experience reflected to the world and my purpose is to show my unique viewpoint captured through the camera lens. I hope that through my art others can relate to their world in new ways which promote understanding of the self while encouraging connection to others and the surrounding environment."

See more of her work at


Jorge Najera


Najera has been creating breathtaking original works of art for over 30 years. He attended the Facultad de Artes Visuales UANL in Monterrey, Mexico from 1993 to 1996. He has had featured exhibitions in the Metropolitan Museum of Monterrey as well as several other solo exhibitions in museums and galleries in that area.

Since moving from Monterrey, he has lived in San Antonio and Austin. His style has evolved over time and remains beautifuly structured and wild at once. Once inspired by the industrial setting of Monterrey, he now draws much of his inspiration from the natural world giving his works lifelike characteristics. "My work is about creating a complete sensory experience for the spectator." , says Najera.

Some of his canvases are more sculptural in nature. He constructs them from wood and takes incredible time and care to mold them into convex or concave shapes with layers of texture. They bring to mind fossilized structures, volcanic eruptions, and other natural decomposition processes found in nature.

See his full exhibition with a virutal tour and contact us directly about any artwork of interest. PerpetualPassion7.29ArtShow (

Shannon Purcell


Shannon Purcell is a figurative painter from Western Massachusetts currently living and working
in Austin, Texas. He studied fine arts and painting at MassArt and the techniques of the old
masters with painter David Addison Small. His focus is narrative portraiture in oil using classical
techniques with a contemporary approach.

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